BeLive Probiotic Gummies


cofI have been looking for a probiotic vitamin supplement and the BeLive Sugar Free Probiotic Gummies seem to have fit the bill.  They are very tasty in flavors of Strawberry and Orange.  They are extremely soft and chewy making them an enjoyment to eat, but don’t eat too many.

The recommended dosage is only two per day, so one bottle should last over a month.  I made the mistake of eating too many and got sick, so I would stick to the dosage.  When I stuck to the dosage I did just fine.

Another plus is that they are sugar free!  I am hoping that these help with my digestion for my running.  I am training for a Marathon in January and need all the help I can get!  I really need to work on my health and digestion.  I got sick during my last half marathon, so I am hoping a product like this will help with that.  Time will only tell.


If you would like to check them out, they can be found at this link on Amazon. I received this product at a discount for giving my honest, unbiased review.



Photoshop: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Mastering Adobe Photoshop in 1 Week Review

photoshopAs a compositor, I do quite a lot of photo editing and manipulation.  Though most of my photo work deals with image sequences, a lot of those same techniques can be used in single image editing, which is a lot easier and faster.  For working on single images I usually still use Nuke like I do with my compositing work.  The main reason is that I am more familiar with Nuke than I am with Photoshop.  Photoshop is a very powerful tool, but I never took the time to learn the ins and outs.  I only learned what I needed at the moment, so I could benefit by learning more about the program.

I was very pleased to receive a digital copy of Photoshop: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Mastering Adobe Photoshop in 1 Week to review and start my re-learning of the program.  Right when it opens I can view a very easy to navigate table of contents.  The eBook starts out by explaining the reason Photoshop is so powerful and how it came to be.  Everyone choosing to learn a program should also learn a little about the history to better understand it.

The eBook is very easy to read and follow along for beginners and people like me that just want to go more in-depth with the program.  Usually in long informational pdfs my eyes can get lost in the words and I can lose focus.  In this pdf the font size is bigger than usual and the line spacing is double spaced.  Helpful photos show screen-shots of what is being discussed making it easy to follow along.  The formatting is spacious, but what I did find a bit weird was all the blank space and pages.  When a new section starts, it starts over halfway down the page leaving a whole bunch of blank space at the top.  It didn’t stop me from learning the material, but I soon realized that means there is less content in the book because of this.

The eBook goes through what each of the tools are used for and how to use them.  Easy to read diagrams and images are displayed showing each concept that is discussed.  This guide is a great complement to my Photoshop knowledge and will help people new to the program all together get started using it.  It is a great stepping stone to more advanced techniques and can be used as a refresher or reference for Photoshop pros.  I recommend this easy to read eBook for beginners and if you would like to learn more about it or download it yourself you can do so here.

INNX Sofa Cover Review


Ever since I can remember my cat, Lion, has refused to lay on the couch.  I’m not sure if it is because of the texture or if it has to do with how hot it feels after a while, though it is probably the latter.  I had the opportunity recently to receive a sofa cover from Innovation Next at a discount for trying it out and reviewing the product.  I have had it on the couch for about a week and not a day goes by that Lion has not been sleeping on it.  I don’t even have to call him to the couch, I turn around different times throughout the day and see him relaxing on the cover.

Lion isn’t the only one who likes the new couch cover.  I am very impressed with the quality and the fit.  The material is very durable and thick so it should last a long time with day to day use and occasional washing.  The cover fits my couch perfectly!  It is a two cushioned sofa that fits three people comfortably and this cover is the perfect length.  On the backside of the cover there are foam pieces in pouches that are supposed to be pushed between the sofa and the cushions to prevent the cover from moving around.  This is my very first sofa cover, so I found that to be a very nice feature.

The most important feature for a couch cover is comfort.  If the cover isn’t comfortable then it defeats the purpose of the couch.  This cover is extremely soft and I am easily able to fall asleep on it, which is great considering I like to take mid-morning naps after my runs outside.  Lion and I both enjoy this cover so far and I can’t wait to see how it holds up when my three year old nephew comes to visit!  If you want to read more about this couch cover or purchase it yourself you can find it on Amazon here.  I will definitely look into more of Innovation Nexts’ products in the future.


Cell Phone Clip Holder Review

As a freelance artist I sit at my desk for a majority of the day.  Even though I have four monitors, I’ve never had a place to put my phone where it wasn’t in my way or where it was easily accessible in case I needed to use it for work.  I came across a cell phone clip holder by eShopMind and that I should give it a try.  As it turns out it works beautifully for my needs!

0920162124c-2The clip itself fits perfectly on my desk on the side of my where it is not in my way.  It took a little bit of effort to adjust the coil to my liking, but that just makes it stay in place once it is adjusted properly.  The top part that holds the phone it very easy to open and holds the phone securely so it will not fall out and become damaged.

The clip holder also came with a portable desktop phone holder. 0920162123-1 This holder is perfect to take with my when I travel for work.  It is lightweight and collapses making it easy to pack.

The phone stays in the stand and doesn’t tip over or fall off.  So far I am very happy with both products.  Especially since the price was so amazing.   I never thought of buying a product like this before, but now I can’t see my workday with out it.  For more information about the cell phone clip holder you can read about it on Amazon here.

U-Fit Bike Lock Review

20160306_094001Riding a bicycle to run errands or go to work is a great way to get that little bit of extra fitness each day.  I needed an activity to compliment my running so I looked into getting a lock for my bike so I could use it as transportation.  With this new U-Fit Combination Bike Lock I now have a safe and secure way to leave my bike when I go inside.

The lock is very easy to use and the combination is a great alternative from having to carry around a key.  The quality seems great!  When I locked my bike to a railing I felt that is was very secure and I wouldn’t worry leaving it for hours at a time.  The only minor issue is that the cable comes curled up and it tends to stay in that position, which makes wrapping it around a pole or railing a little difficult.  I feel that over time it should lose it’s shape and become easier.

Overall this is a great product!  If you want to read more about the lock you can find it here on Amazon.  If you are in need of a way to lock and secure your bicycle I suggest checking it out.  I received this product at a discount for giving my honest and unbiased re view.

The Journey Continues…….

For the past two years I have been traveling a lot to work in the industry that I love.  In 2013 I landed a job at Reel Fx in Dallas, Texas.  It was more like a beginning compositing job more than anything else, but I loved the work that I was doing.  I was doing continuity for their first animated feature, Free Birds.  Continuity artists have to make sure that the movie flows and there are not differences in the look from shot to shot.  I was their first continuity artist, so I felt that I was a sort of lead in that area.  After three months, they hired two more artists to help me out.  Free Birds had to be the most overtime I have ever worked.  I was working over 70 hours a week almost the entire five months that I was there.  There were nights that I worked until 3AM the next morning, but I didn’t mind because I had a job.  I enjoyed having the chance to help and make the film look better.  There were shots that I did a whole lot on and changed the whole look of them.  I felt that as they were seeing what a hard worker I was, that I was getting more and more responsibility.  By the time I was finished, I was really ready for a break.

During my break I stayed home and worked on some freelance, helping out on a Sci Fi project.  They sought me out and I needed more experience, so I went for it.  It started out as a compositing position, but they really needed help, so they started having me light shots.  I was happy to be able to get real lighting experience.

In January of 2014 I was sought out again, but this time by former colleagues from Digital Domain.  They were working up in Boston for a visual effects company called Zero VFX.  Now being a Yankee fan in a family of Red Sox fans I wasn’t so sure about going to Boston, but it was an amazing experience.  I absolutely loved the city.  I was staying downtown right near Boston Common.  And I finally got to see it snow!!  There were times that I was at the studio and I would just take a break and go look out the window.  I couldn’t believe how breathtaking it was.  Walking home from work after midnight, I would just dance and sing in the snow.  It was simply magical.  The first part of my time in Boston was really hectic.  I was working lots and lots of overtime.  We were working on a film called The Equalizer.  It was so much fun to be able to work on a live action film again and to work with my fellow colleagues again.  The overtime didn’t last as long as Free Birds and then another project was over.  Luckily I was asked by the owner of the company if I could stay and work on the next film called Sex Tape.  I agreed and after a quick trip home I was back in Boston and ready to work on another film.  There was hardly any overtime required on this film, so I got to explore Boston and even meet up with family on the weekends.

With Sex Tape production coming to an end, I started looking for another job.  I contacted Reel FX again to see if they were hiring lighters and compositors for their next film, The Book of Life.  It turns out that they were.  So after I left Boston, I went home for a couple of days and then it was back out to Dallas.  I felt like I had never left.  I even sat at the same desk.  There was a major difference and that was I hardly had any work!  I was hired as a lighter and they had me doing continuity work again.  They hired three continuity artists right after me, so there wasn’t enough work for all of us.  After a lot of begging I was given two shots to light and then back to no work.  It wasn’t until my last two days there that I received a lot of continuity work.  My contract ended and there was no offer to extend me, so I headed back to Florida.

Now as I sit here updating my website I wait for the next opportunity where I can show my skills as a lighter or compositor.

The dream has come to an end…for now

It has been a while since my last post.  In that post I was extremely excited about landing a new job, as a digital artist at Digital Domain.  I did end up finishing my training, which was hard and a little scary at times, but I passed and was put onto the stereo floor working on actual movies!

It got a whole lot better from there.  While working on the stereo floor, I found the love of my life, Chris (or more like he found me).  We sat across from each other and he always tried to talk to me.  He brought me to a river one day, and put his arm around me for the first time then asked me out.  Saying yes was the best decision of my life.  We had a wonderful life together in Port Saint Lucie.

In the fall of the following year Chris was given the opportunity to work in the animation department, doing what he wanted to do, rig animated characters.  Shortly I followed his lead and left stereo as well, but I went in the  VFX department as a digital compositor.  Less than a year at the company I had been given the chance to do what I had only dreamed of, compositing my own shots in an actual movie.  Stereo was a great beginning, but it was just a stepping stone to what I felt I was meant to do: create my own visual effects shots.  It was hard work, but I loved every minute of it; staying at work until 2 a.m. the night before a deadline, working seven days a week, skipping my lunch to get a shot finished…  it was all worth it to see the shots that I had put together on the big screen.  The film, Rock of Ages, wasn’t bad either.  I am thrilled that I was able to work on such a funny and entertaining movie.  Making people happy and letting them forget their troubles and worries for a couple hours is one of the reasons I got into this industry in the first place.  That was the highlight of my career.  After that there was a lot of downtime in between working on projects for the Mets and breakdowns of different shots.  I enjoyed all of it and didn’t want it to end, but sadly it did.  While I was having the time of my life, the company wasn’t.  There were a lot of financial troubles that I didn’t know about; I don’t think any of us artists did.  We went into work one day and they told us to go home: they were shutting us down.

I ended up having to go back home.  Chris got a job at Rhythm and Hues, but then they laid everyone off and now he is stuck out there.  Hopefully he finds a job soon.  It’s been about six months and I still haven’t found anything, and not because I haven’t been trying my hardest but I’m in the same situation as before Digital Domain: not enough experience.  I thought that my year and a half professional experience would count for something, but most companies still want that pesky three year minimum.  It doesn’t help that the industry is not in the best shape right now either.  Well who knows, maybe I will find that dream job again.  Until then I will just have to keep working my hardest and dreaming about when that day will come.