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About the Artist

I am first and foremost an artist.  I love seeing the final result after creating a piece of art, whether its painting, drawing, photography, or digital arts.  I have always had a passion for photography and after taking multiple classes in college it led me to what I was meant to do, becoming a digital compositor.

On a fall Houston afternoon in 1986 was were it all began.  Some years down the road my family and I moved to Ocala, horse capital of the world.  It was growing up there that I first found my love for drawing.  At the age of seven, I realized I loved to draw, which started the long list of art classes.  Those classes continued throughout college.  When it came to an artistic career choice, my love of movies had me choosing a life in the film industry creating digital artwork.

Recently after I graduated from college I landed a job at Digital Domain as a stereoscopic compositor in Port Saint Lucie.  In less than a year I moved into the VFX department where I became a digital compositor; my dream had finally became a reality!

Sadly that dream did not last as long as I had hoped.  The company closed our South Florida studio, putting about 300 of us without a job.

So as I job search again, I am brushing up on my lighting and compositing skills, with new demo reels currently on my website. Hopefully some company out there will give me another chance to live my dream.


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