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Cell Phone Clip Holder Review

As a freelance artist I sit at my desk for a majority of the day.  Even though I have four monitors, I’ve never had a place to put my phone where it wasn’t in my way or where it was easily accessible in case I needed to use it for work.  I came across a cell phone clip holder by eShopMind and that I should give it a try.  As it turns out it works beautifully for my needs!

0920162124c-2The clip itself fits perfectly on my desk on the side of my where it is not in my way.  It took a little bit of effort to adjust the coil to my liking, but that just makes it stay in place once it is adjusted properly.  The top part that holds the phone it very easy to open and holds the phone securely so it will not fall out and become damaged.

The clip holder also came with a portable desktop phone holder. 0920162123-1 This holder is perfect to take with my when I travel for work.  It is lightweight and collapses making it easy to pack.

The phone stays in the stand and doesn’t tip over or fall off.  So far I am very happy with both products.  Especially since the price was so amazing.   I never thought of buying a product like this before, but now I can’t see my workday with out it.  For more information about the cell phone clip holder you can read about it on Amazon here.


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