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Hard work really does pay off

So, I actually did it.  I found a job in my field.  No one’s more surprised than I am.  It’s not that I don’t think I deserve it, it is just that there are so many good digital artists out there and I was lucky enough to land a job at a wonderful company.  All of my hard work finally paid off.  All those long hours and late nights staring at a computer screen were not for nothing.  For over four years computer generated imagery has consumed my life.  Art has been a part of my life way before that.  Ever since I was in the first grade and I found out that I could draw.  I drew a bird all by myself and ever since then I have loved creating art.  In the third grade I decided that I wanted to be an animator.  I wanted to follow in Walt Disney’s footsteps, and who’s a greater role model than the man who created the mouse?  My goals went astray sometimes, but they always went back to animation.  That was until I found out that everything is now done on the computer.  You see, I wanted to create hand drawn animations.  I stuck with my dream even though technology was taking over.  We didn’t get our first computer until I was in the sixth grade, so it was something new I had to learn.  In college I learned to love creating art with the computer.  My second year I came across the art of compositing.  I knew that compositing was what I was meant to do, so I decided to concentrate on that.  I worked hard on every project and I never gave up.  If I didn’t know how to do something I asked my teacher or I researched it on my own.  I set my goals high and I didn’t stop until I achieved them.  I didn’t have a life, my school work was my life.  I lived in South Florida for three years and the first time I went to the beach was the week I graduated.  I locked myself away and concentrated on achieving my goals, and it worked.  I now how an amazing job and I am truly blessed.  Now I just have to concentrate on finishing my training.


One thought on “Hard work really does pay off

  1. Do you remember sugarbear? You created our website. You know I work your mom and she told about your recent success. She also told me about your website, so i thought I’d visit and see some of your stuff. Very nice, keep up the good work. Your mom is very proud.

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