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Media Mashup: The Future With Technology


 News Anchor

 Welcome to CBS news.  The story lately has been the massive crime rise throughout the world.  Crime has been skyrocketing ever since labor reducing products like the PES machine were invented.  These machines have put millions of people out of work and have caused them to go to extreme measures to survive.  Let us go to a feed out of Hong Kong.

 Here you can see a man walk right up to another one and bring him to the ground.  Here one stabs another in the back.  People have gone crazy during all of the destruction around the world.  They are attacking each other for no reason at all.  Watch this as another man swings at this passer-by for no reason.


 I was just standing on the sidewalk when I say this dude come out of nowhere and slug this guy right in the face.  It was brutal.  The guy high tailed it out of there.  I decided to get out of there myself.  Don’t want none of that.

 News Anchor

 It has become too much for the cops to handle that they are now forced to take extreme measures to try and prevent these criminals.  Hopefully they can take action and get these weapons off the streets.  The people that have been brutally beaten and stabbed are now recovering in their local hospitals.

 This has been a CBS channel 11 news report.


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